Tango Down | COD4 FAN MOVIE | "All Ghillied Up"

Hot and fresh 2018 MW2 CLIFFHANGER MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w68j_LyJJYw

Paying tribute to the timeless missions "All ghillied up" and "One shot, one kill" from the Call of Duty-series, we would like to present to you our film adaptation of the classic video game experience.

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This movie won the award for best editing at Dalarnas Film Festival 2014.

Music licensed through http://www.premiumbeat.com/ :
Richard Canavan - Dark Horizons
Lost Harmonies - Suspicious Behaviour
Peter McIsaac Music - Private Investigation
Richard Canavan - Against The Odds
Peter McIsaac Music - Epic Hollywood Trailer

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Yoren Buru
Yoren Buru18-08-2018, 10:27
I liked the movie from bottom of my heart🙂 till the apache helicopter crashed😂...but it was a great movie keep it up I would love to see more
Lelen Haolai
Lelen Haolai18-08-2018, 04:34
Haha is this a funny video? 😂😂😂😂
Captain Price
Captain Price08-08-2018, 10:46
bojan milankovic ehheheeheheheheheh
Y A.J03-08-2018, 10:01
الف يا بطل
Anggi Sasmito
Anggi Sasmito02-08-2018, 01:39
Lol helicopter look like a helipet crooot
trey kearns
trey kearns01-08-2018, 01:55
Haha did he find a refreshing ice cold bottle of Chernobley Energy in that duffle bag?? Now they just need a hot tub. .
trey kearns
trey kearns01-08-2018, 01:49
Cash for spent fuel rods
amani sam
amani sam01-08-2018, 11:03
i never enjoyed it
Cristhian Castella
Cristhian Castella31-07-2018, 07:15
perdi mi tiempo
Andy McNicholas
Andy McNicholas30-07-2018, 05:50
Aaah fucking hell, russian terrorists with sa80s......