You're Not The Real X7 Albert

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Declan Jansen
Declan Jansen24-11-2017, 01:44
It's called a jtag you fucking imbecile
ArcTic _SKYS
ArcTic _SKYS23-11-2017, 11:21
That kids retarded
Eric Weber
Eric Weber23-11-2017, 04:28
The fact that he doesn't fall is insane
InfinitChezball23-11-2017, 12:27
Can’t wait to see all of the comments from those who think that they have a say in any of this 👍
Minerva Hernandez
Minerva Hernandez20-11-2017, 03:12
That guy is realy retarded
XrobloxboyandgirlX ROBLOX
XrobloxboyandgirlX ROBLOX20-11-2017, 06:10
Shauna Bell
Shauna Bell20-11-2017, 12:08
its x7 ALBRT
Caleb Tucker
Caleb Tucker19-11-2017, 04:21
the guy who said X7 Albert you retard is right
Hiroshin Lor
Hiroshin Lor19-11-2017, 05:25
Hi Albert I'm a big fan also can I be your friend btw my account is JL021
call of duty beast call of beast
call of duty beast call of beast19-11-2017, 05:04
Plug in your mike