Coldplay - Miracles (Official Lyric Video)

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Download Miracles from iTunes at now. Taken from the Unbroken Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Unbroken opens in the UK on 26 December and in the US on 25 December.

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chechuworld22-04-2018, 06:15
Have they ever played it live? Anyone knows?
อะไรวะ21-04-2018, 07:23
ชอบมากอ่ะ ชอบทั้งเพลงทั้งหนังเลยอ่ะ
Emerson Siqueira
Emerson Siqueira19-04-2018, 07:27
Like brasi000000lllll!!!!!
nabin sademba
nabin sademba19-04-2018, 03:33
Mariah Gipty
Mariah Gipty18-04-2018, 04:27
i heard this common with heard a poem
Harish Pulletikurthi
Harish Pulletikurthi18-04-2018, 05:35
Why are they so good ? Why is Coldplay so good ? Just awesome
anjan barman
anjan barman17-04-2018, 07:03
coldplay..every melody they create just touches my soul!! long live coldplay.. lotz of luv from India!!❤❤❤
Retno Aryani
Retno Aryani17-04-2018, 12:43
Keren love you coldplay
Soumyajit Guin
Soumyajit Guin16-04-2018, 05:22
You know a song is legendary, when it gives you goosebumps
Yasmine Dz
Yasmine Dz16-04-2018, 01:25
2018 ?