Coldplay - Miracles (Official Lyric Video)

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Download Miracles from iTunes at now. Taken from the Unbroken Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Unbroken opens in the UK on 26 December and in the US on 25 December.

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Pallavi Singh
Pallavi Singh16-08-2018, 11:42
Really it so relaxing song😍😍😍😍
Shreyas M
Shreyas M16-08-2018, 11:18
High vibes and divine purpose ❤... love uh brother 👍🏻😇
Yash Sharma Fitness
Yash Sharma Fitness16-08-2018, 05:07
What movie is this
Franz Valleras
Franz Valleras15-08-2018, 02:15
Titanic Ssst
Titanic Ssst14-08-2018, 08:11
Mari Agüero
Mari Agüero14-08-2018, 04:29
Love the song <3
The Rambler
The Rambler12-08-2018, 11:16
this song means so much more after you watch the movie
Dirty Paws
Dirty Paws12-08-2018, 06:31
cómo se llama la película?
Roshan Motwani
Roshan Motwani12-08-2018, 07:55
Thank you Coldplay and Angelina Jolie for giving us Unbroken.
Ida Bagoez Adi Saputra
Ida Bagoez Adi Saputra11-08-2018, 09:51
love this song so much