5 Things You Don't Know About: Sniper Rifles

This original Military.com series looks at sniper rifles and quickly recounts five “unknown” facts or stories about them.

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Momo TV
Momo TV20-04-2018, 04:30
Click bait
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama19-04-2018, 03:04
a russian lady killed 140 germans in WW2. so better watch out cowboys when u invaded the place
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama19-04-2018, 03:03
if you miss anything with such a rifle, better go and clean latrines
TDOG18-04-2018, 11:01
How the fuck you gonna chamber a 308 and a 300 win mag in the same gun?! Mf with your false hope.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte14-04-2018, 03:14
Germany was the first country to develop snipers.
Joseph Cachia
Joseph Cachia12-04-2018, 09:22
This should have been '5 Things You Probably Don't Know About: Sniper Rifles'
justin hyland
justin hyland11-04-2018, 02:06
"One shot, one kill, thats the motto"... You're so full of shit. lol.
Jacob Taranto
Jacob Taranto08-04-2018, 11:01
Give more information I didn’t get any thing from that anyway
Nunya Bizniz
Nunya Bizniz06-04-2018, 08:53
Scotland invented the sniper
tyrroo05-04-2018, 05:43
Downvote for that fucking annoying flashing lights and fake dissonance in your little fancy-pants countdown >:(