Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane

Breaking Benjamin latest album DARK BEFORE DAWN featuring the singles “Failure,” “Angels Fall,” and “Ashes of Eden” is available now!

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Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing The Diary of Jane.

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shoval kariti
shoval kariti23-04-2018, 02:21
nicolas drolet
nicolas drolet23-04-2018, 01:41
who is here because of jonathan young ?
TriNic22-04-2018, 09:50
"In the diarrhea cave"
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous22-04-2018, 05:49
I have met him once. He is exactly same voice
Sofi lvp
Sofi lvp22-04-2018, 04:33
jaime kelleher
jaime kelleher21-04-2018, 09:58
It's already 2018 and still jamming to this song this song is iconic and still popular fucking love this band 😍😍
Sam Samuel
Sam Samuel21-04-2018, 10:52
Holy shit, Paramore's Decode completely ripped this song
Rock Madly
Rock Madly21-04-2018, 09:53
This is my music. It helps me to feel strong.
Justin Negron
Justin Negron21-04-2018, 07:19
i headbang to this song every time
ТАтьяна Бабенко
ТАтьяна Бабенко20-04-2018, 11:31
Шикарная музыка))))