No Neutral Ground (2008)

No Neutral Ground was a short film I directed in 2008 as a student at Chapman University. The film focuses on two American snipers in Afghanistan.

Shot on Arri SR 3, Super 16mm film camera.

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Gilberto Ruiz
Gilberto Ruiz22-01-2018, 07:45
What's the name of the movie is it (no neutral ground)?
ASHISH KUMAR21-01-2018, 10:08
Fabulous short
Zainvirk Virk
Zainvirk Virk21-01-2018, 12:00
Afghanistan min in ki gand min dand diya howa he Talban ney. 15 sal se wo in ki dulai ker rahey hen. Super Power go to hell.
Maxi Kirchgässner
Maxi Kirchgässner19-01-2018, 02:08
Here is the best feeling ever 💋
Shahab Khan
Shahab Khan16-01-2018, 05:33
Hahahaah what the fuck. Are you kiddin me. Pakistani soldiers will fuck your mothers you mother fuckers 😂😂😂
Artyom Ivanov
Artyom Ivanov13-01-2018, 10:55
He should merry him and take him to America
Some Bloke
Some Bloke08-01-2018, 02:02
Hard to hear, perhaps subtitles so the snipers can still talk quietly.
Sold to be Diers
Sold to be Diers07-01-2018, 11:16
First Casualty of War... is Dignity. -former recondo sgt. ''rock'' 82nd abn. 1718
Hikmet Xosuzade
Hikmet Xosuzade07-01-2018, 10:58
keerthi giridhar
keerthi giridhar06-01-2018, 09:49
Even real force r also use this type of weapons are not..