Operation Jericho - Military Action Short

Russian Separatist rebels have seized control of the Inguri Dam, located in the Caucasus mountains. This radical group has converted the hydropower plant to a chemical weapons facility, concealed at the bottom of the reservoir.

A small team of U.S. special forces is tasked with the mission to infiltrate and destroy the dam. However, they need to remain undetected, making this event look like a catastrophic accident. Word cannot spread that U.S. boots are on the ground in this region because of the potential repercussions of an international incident.

[This is Chapter 1 of the "Red" Series]

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ماهر تصميم مقاطع قصيرة
ماهر تصميم مقاطع قصيرة19-08-2018, 03:09
jay ram ji media
jay ram ji media19-08-2018, 04:42
Official DanAnthony
Official DanAnthony19-08-2018, 01:47
Russians Russians Russians., i mean are you guys being sponsored by some organisation that you always depict the Russians a the enemy., Be more creative with that pls., nice work tho
KTBFFH18-08-2018, 05:23
what is the name of this film ?
てつおほり17-08-2018, 06:18
Phượng Nguyễn
Phượng Nguyễn17-08-2018, 01:25
Tôi dang tuong tượng la cái đập tam Điệp của trung cộng.hehe,.!
Gaurav Kushwaha
Gaurav Kushwaha17-08-2018, 12:24
Mono Khan
Mono Khan17-08-2018, 10:50
I like Indian Army
ابراهيم بطران
ابراهيم بطران14-08-2018, 09:02
Muhammad Hakim
Muhammad Hakim14-08-2018, 12:26
Kan senang hantaq jaa jet tu awai awai.