Without Bound - Perspectives on Mobile Living (Documentary)

Without Bound, a documentary featuring perspectives on mobile living from a group of fascinating folks who live fulfilling, sustainable, off-grid lives in vans, travel trailers and motorhomes...

Find out more about the people and how they do it:

Bob Wells - http://cheaprvliving.com
Randy Vining - http://mobilecodgers.blogspot.com
Josh and Meisha Manwaring - http://vagabloggers.com
Steven Ballee' - http://www.arizonaexplorations.com
Laurie Theodorou - http://www.youtube.com/user/LoveRise

Music - "Go" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/Go
Music - "Crazy Glue" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/CrazyGlue
Music - "Evolution" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/Evolution
Music - "A Kind of Distance" by Simon Wilkinson http://thebluemask.com
Music - "Rendezvous" "The Falling Snow" "Migration" "Midnight Air" "First Light" "Coup Detat" "Butterflies" "Ghost Ship" "Frozen Dreams" "Heliotrope" by Simon Wilkinson http://thebluemask.com

Michael Tubbs - http://michaeltubbs.com
Aaron Harlan - http://amarkcreative.com

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eric stubblefield
eric stubblefield20-06-2018, 08:06
great documentary. would be so much better without the music!!!!!!!!!!!
brian flowers
brian flowers20-06-2018, 08:05
These people are happy, stress free, independent, down to earth, real, friendly and close to nature........count me in!
Tony Ray
Tony Ray20-06-2018, 06:46
somebody should show these people how to build a wood gasifier. they can get all of their power for free and fuel their vehicle instead of buying gasoline.
Spin my head
Spin my head19-06-2018, 03:59
Live and let live,any way you fancy.
NoesisAndNoema19-06-2018, 03:07
285 people are happy giving money to others, paying excessive bills, so others can live in better homes than they live in, instead of spending that money on an actual luxury home and living the retired life at 30... Glad that they are not taking my space and I won't have to hear them complain about it until after they retire at 65-70, if they are still alive and able to actually "live" at that point. :P
NoesisAndNoema19-06-2018, 02:58
The messed-up part of mobile living, is the fact that many have to "go stealth", just to live. I still don't grasp the concept of homes with a fixed foundation. Storage units with high overhead and illusions of security. Built on lands that you don't actually own. (Deeds are not ownership, only "permissions" to use the lands for specific purposes. The government owns all lands, we just rent the spaces from them.)No lawns to mow. No limited scenery (though few houses have anything that would be classified as a "scenery", as you only see neighbors.) No mortgage. No land taxes. No being trapped next-door to unwanted neighbors. Limited upkeep costs, compared to a "foundation home". No losses associated with moving or relocating to a new area.Some things are for some people, other things are for other people.
Timothy Black
Timothy Black19-06-2018, 05:39
To the people who keep saying things like "they are leeching off the system":Did you not get that four of them had jobs for years before they engaged in this lifestyle? That they paid their dues?As far as the remainder, they all have savings or retirement. They have all contributed. The young couple is contributing with creativity and living lightly.. they are not costing anyone anything. The woman who is getting $600 a month from SS has lived a full life, and deserves her retirement. The gentleman who has not worked a day job in 35 years lives on $500 a month, which he gets from money he already has.Exactly zero of these people are drains on the system. On the contrary.. they are examples of the opposite. They live very lightly, stay away from consumerism, stay reasonably fit and healthy by spending so much time outdoors and eating simply. They aren't the problem.You're the problem. You use orders of magnitude more energy, materials and resources than any of these people use and yet you are complaining THEY are the leeches?Personally, I have paid so much in taxes already, if I don't earn another dime my SS is worth well over $1500 a month. I can't collect it for quite some time... but Im looking at doing this too. I have contributed enough.. sacrificed enough. Maybe you folks should look in the mirror.
Queen RA TV
Queen RA TV18-06-2018, 06:31
This was excellent I’m homeless I’m getting a van by choice
Unco Bazz
Unco Bazz18-06-2018, 03:45
Some choose this lifestyle, others resort to it due to circumstance...
boo boo
boo boo18-06-2018, 12:50
How do you respond when people say you don't deserve government benefits when you haven't contributed enough in taxes while living your 'lifestyle'? Will you give up those as well to have more 'freedom'?