Without Bound - Perspectives on Mobile Living (Documentary)

Without Bound, a documentary featuring perspectives on mobile living from a group of fascinating folks who live fulfilling, sustainable, off-grid lives in vans, travel trailers and motorhomes...

Find out more about the people and how they do it:

Bob Wells - http://cheaprvliving.com
Randy Vining - http://mobilecodgers.blogspot.com
Josh and Meisha Manwaring - http://vagabloggers.com
Steven Ballee' - http://www.arizonaexplorations.com
Laurie Theodorou - http://www.youtube.com/user/LoveRise

Music - "Go" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/Go
Music - "Crazy Glue" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/CrazyGlue
Music - "Evolution" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/Evolution
Music - "A Kind of Distance" by Simon Wilkinson http://thebluemask.com
Music - "Rendezvous" "The Falling Snow" "Migration" "Midnight Air" "First Light" "Coup Detat" "Butterflies" "Ghost Ship" "Frozen Dreams" "Heliotrope" by Simon Wilkinson http://thebluemask.com

Michael Tubbs - http://michaeltubbs.com
Aaron Harlan - http://amarkcreative.com

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Kinnish20-04-2018, 03:18
the background music is utterly distracting
0l0l019-04-2018, 06:09
"it was too much money, too much time, too much effort - just mowing the grass and clipping the hedges...all that time I spend doing that, and for what?"
Alan Lem
Alan Lem19-04-2018, 02:31
So inspiring. True wisdom! Love to you all!
DinoHF7919-04-2018, 09:09
I told my son the other day I want to do this life. He said you've been talking about traveling for 20 years. When his daughter goes to college he's going to go out too.
nw505200117-04-2018, 10:09
I cant find any other option...
Tom Olofsson
Tom Olofsson16-04-2018, 06:24
jawjww16-04-2018, 06:18
this life is very appealing to me.
Paweł Kleiner Małecki
Paweł Kleiner Małecki15-04-2018, 11:49
Great - Thank you.
Ethan Small
Ethan Small15-04-2018, 07:00
I love this community ❤️
cowpoke0214-04-2018, 09:16
rent peoples land selling. have camper . rent a cheap room .. move to cheaper countries . 10 cent meals in india . many cheap poor countries . have a apartment for 100 bucks a month . leave the usa for most the year .save even more money .