Without Bound - Perspectives on Mobile Living (Documentary)

Without Bound, a documentary featuring perspectives on mobile living from a group of fascinating folks who live fulfilling, sustainable, off-grid lives in vans, travel trailers and motorhomes...

Find out more about the people and how they do it:

Bob Wells - http://cheaprvliving.com
Randy Vining - http://mobilecodgers.blogspot.com
Josh and Meisha Manwaring - http://vagabloggers.com
Steven Ballee' - http://www.arizonaexplorations.com
Laurie Theodorou - http://www.youtube.com/user/LoveRise

Music - "Go" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/Go
Music - "Crazy Glue" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/CrazyGlue
Music - "Evolution" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/song/Evolution
Music - "A Kind of Distance" by Simon Wilkinson http://thebluemask.com
Music - "Rendezvous" "The Falling Snow" "Migration" "Midnight Air" "First Light" "Coup Detat" "Butterflies" "Ghost Ship" "Frozen Dreams" "Heliotrope" by Simon Wilkinson http://thebluemask.com

Michael Tubbs - http://michaeltubbs.com
Aaron Harlan - http://amarkcreative.com

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Anthony Barton
Anthony Barton16-08-2018, 01:43
Great documentary 👍😁I admire your courage to just get up and go and give it a try, and you all seem so happy, which goes to show its the good life, with no stresses and strains of modern life..I live in the UK, but I'd love to try the nomad life, I wonder if there are people in the UK that are doing the same 😁
The Ovabz
The Ovabz15-08-2018, 11:00
Fabulous documentary! So many golden nuggets, thoughts, ideas. Thanks!
Richard White
Richard White15-08-2018, 03:44
Thanks all!! U are the Best !!
Glymour14-08-2018, 10:59
What about the cost of health insurance?
Phoebe Lazaro
Phoebe Lazaro14-08-2018, 02:16
i've watched this about 6 times and it still inspires me every time i see it. Stick it to the man, Rage against the machine and any other cliches you can think of XD
Grampo Barney
Grampo Barney14-08-2018, 12:26
The government needs to stay out of how people choose to live! Period!
happy days
happy days13-08-2018, 03:42
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Laura C
Laura C12-08-2018, 09:40
I've been talking about living on federal forests and helm land and one guy keeps saying he loves getting back home. I know what he's about he doesn't know what I'm about.
Brian McNeil
Brian McNeil12-08-2018, 01:33
jamjam73110-08-2018, 03:13
This is truly inspiring. There's something innate within us that calls for this exploration and freedom, but most don't answer that call because we are tied down to house payments, car payments, job responsibilities, insurance, etc. I would love to do this! My biggest drawback is my family needs me here to pay their bills and take care of them, and I would look really silly pulling a horse trailer around the country camping in parking lots with 4 horses! I don't think that would go over well, and riding really makes me happy so I'm not willing to give that up! Plus I have dogs and ducks, too. Too many responsibilities right now...but maybe someday!