"Red" - The Ambush - Military Action Short

An elite team of U.S. Navy SEALs is trapped deep in hostile territory amongst an international crisis that has spun out of control in the Caucasus region.
The U.S. has publicly declared a neutral stance on the unfolding crisis, but the situation has recently become more complicated.

Operation Red Rover: The U.S. has secretly sent in a small Elite SEAL unit to disable any WMDs that are in the possession of separatist rebel fighters, as well as collect intel that could provide evidence to the world that the Russian Government has been directly financing terrorism against its adversaries.

After some major complications with the mission, the SEAL team is now stuck deep in war-torn Russia, unable to be extracted as planned. They are tasked to hike through the Caucasus mountains and over the border into Georgia, where they can safely be extracted out to complete their mission. It is essential they keep a low profile and are not detected or captured. Not only would this mean that the vital intel they are carrying would never be retrieved, but the knowledge of their very presence on Russian soil could be seen as an act of war, bringing the U.S. into a conflict they do not seek..

Watch Chapter 1 of the Red series - "Operation Jericho"

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Quốc Cường Trần
Quốc Cường Trần19-08-2018, 08:12
Xem di xem lai van ko chan
Mithun Kumar
Mithun Kumar19-08-2018, 01:54
Zoy Techie
Zoy Techie19-08-2018, 11:36
Ramesh Konthoujam
Ramesh Konthoujam17-08-2018, 04:04
Manipuri film ishor masu Angaobani
STUDY AGAIN17-08-2018, 02:21
Agar Indian Para SF hota to in dono civilians ko marne nhi deta
kumar16-08-2018, 09:44
from tears of the sun movie
mave colby
mave colby16-08-2018, 02:50
Good movie... producers directors my compliments !
Павел Кирьянов
Павел Кирьянов15-08-2018, 11:08
Пиздаболы хуеплёты!!!
عبدو الحلاق
عبدو الحلاق15-08-2018, 02:11
عبدو الحلاق
عبدو الحلاق15-08-2018, 02:09