Albert Einstein Documentary HD

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The best Albert Einstein documentary. If you only watch one Einstein documentary this is the one! One of my personal favorite things to watch ever. Features comments from Neil deGrasse Tyson and more.

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georgemarsone18-11-2017, 04:58
Ahmed Maazouzi
Ahmed Maazouzi16-11-2017, 07:11
Get a pipe and forget about your hair and wear stupid classes.. Bravo, you're Einstein, now!!
Sahil13-11-2017, 09:12
What was his first work again??
Miguel Spagna
Miguel Spagna13-11-2017, 04:14
Why is it that every single person in this documentary comes off as an arrogant asshole?
Lijana L
Lijana L13-11-2017, 12:02
Einstein was from the planet of the apes
Sabeer V
Sabeer V12-11-2017, 06:27
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Rukhma Shaukat
Rukhma Shaukat12-11-2017, 01:29
That's equation is Allah is one
Girdhari Lal
Girdhari Lal10-11-2017, 06:12
Vvvvvvv nice
Jack Jefferson
Jack Jefferson09-11-2017, 04:42
For years I've studied Einsteins theories and quantum physics(as well as other areas of science but those are the areas I study most) but the problem is I still feel stupid because I can't think of anything of my own.
Petteri Laakkonen
Petteri Laakkonen09-11-2017, 12:05
"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."