Albert Einstein Documentary HD

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The best Albert Einstein documentary. If you only watch one Einstein documentary this is the one! One of my personal favorite things to watch ever. Features comments from Neil deGrasse Tyson and more.

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eva sanchez
eva sanchez22-06-2018, 01:51
Albert era sin duda alguna un genio pero también por lo tanto un cachondo la única forma de sobrevivir entre la necedad absoluta.
Nick Moser
Nick Moser22-06-2018, 03:20
Albert Einstein is overrated. Everything Einstein wrote was wrong, that he stole from other scientists, that he was a thief, a con man, a drug addict, etc. All the experimental results validating relativity use cooked data. Like Sotomayor, Einstien is only promoted because he is not White
Phoo zzy
Phoo zzy21-06-2018, 09:47
anyone know the song in the beginning when he talks about einstein being thought of by his professors as a goof off?
The Dream
The Dream20-06-2018, 09:46
This documentary is a propaganda masturbatory experience. Einstein was a fraudster. Mileva basically gave him that Nobel Prize for the photoelectric effect. She was the educated one, the true physicist/mathematician, while he used his imagination while working as a boring patent clerk, meshing with the rich and powerful. In reality she threatened to expose him as a fraud which is why he gave the awards from the Nobel Prize to her and the family. He left her soon after, for his cousin... He was simply a part of the US((cough..cough)) propaganda machine.
Reign19-06-2018, 06:13
Einstein was considered a genius but out of the millions of women he married a cousin that's not smart that's being stupid like low level iq Americans.
FooBar Maximus
FooBar Maximus19-06-2018, 04:59
Talk about Dick Ridin'. Jeez Tyson, could you be any further up Einstein's asshole? And speaking of assholes, dude, you need to get over yourself. Lately you've been getting a little full of yourself. Maybe it's time to go back to school and the basics, and stop trying to be a "star". Your position on space really pissed a lot of people off, and if you're not careful you're going to wind up on the wrong side of history with respect to climate, space and a bunch of other important issues. Mic drop.
Luter Leko
Luter Leko19-06-2018, 09:32
Einstein had trouble in school . When my children will struggle i will remember them that .
Gina Bonada Urbina
Gina Bonada Urbina18-06-2018, 09:23
Agradecería títulos en español gracias 😞😞😞
maxaprixas117-06-2018, 06:15
"...cause he's Einstein." lmao I love it!
iJamie8467x17-06-2018, 03:04
Fuck Clouds.