Nicki Minaj Reacts to Ellen’s ‘Anaconda’

Ellen had a star turn in Nicki’s viral video. What did Nicki think? Find out!

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Jillcococookie The swimmer
Jillcococookie The swimmer24-02-2018, 03:11
When your done with your porn and you try to be put together and polite
Amber Wells
Amber Wells23-02-2018, 08:09
I love nicki
Elena Torrico
Elena Torrico23-02-2018, 06:42
Pearlena Alan
Pearlena Alan23-02-2018, 08:26
Too funny & cute 🤣😂
Elicia Lucas
Elicia Lucas23-02-2018, 03:01
Nikki looks so embarrassed right now
LetsVïsh Ģr8
LetsVïsh Ģr822-02-2018, 08:27
you are hilarious..o m g ♥♥♥
XxQueen Loves foodxX
XxQueen Loves foodxX21-02-2018, 11:07
Anyone saw Nicki Minaj rolls her eyes
Sailly Castro
Sailly Castro21-02-2018, 10:06
Their energy are so popping together...
Tabitha Martinez
Tabitha Martinez21-02-2018, 04:47
olga Olvera
olga Olvera21-02-2018, 12:23
I love Nicki but I think cardi b is better no hate