"Life is about choices. In spec ops, it's choices that define you."

This is a narrative about an elite sniper who is in a compromised position and must choose between two hard choices, stay and provide overwatch for his unit or bug out and save himself. In these final moments he sees only one memory, the mission that got him into this elite unit.

This is the thesis project for my digital cinematography degree. This project had to stay within the policy and guidelines concerning excessive violence on screen dictated by the university. Therefore, I chose the dramatic versus action format for this film. All the violence depicted in this film is by implication only.

Credit Note:
All of the music, SFX and VFX were created by us or obtained through royalty free/Creative Commons licensing either by free download or purchased. Most of the SFX were retrieved from the Apple Loops library via Soundtrack Pro. The entire film was edited in Final Cut Pro 7. The VFX clips were created in After Effects CS6. Red Giant's Magic Bullet Suite (Colorista II and Looks) for Final Cut Pro was used for color correction and grading.

The film was shot on location in both Parker and Boulder County, Colorado, in July 2013 and edited in August 2013. This film was shot on the Sony FS100UK HD camera with Sony and Nikon lenses in the 1080/24p FX mode at 24 fps (except for the timelapse shots which were recorded at 1 fps).

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F. Huff
F. Huff15-06-2018, 01:45
That was a nice little video. I enjoyed it a lot. It'd be a nice intro to a movie. But of course you'd likely do something other than the animations. Still a lot of fun watching.
renan alves
renan alves14-06-2018, 05:30
Top,aí sim que é um snap de verdade.
350toocute13-06-2018, 03:11
Thumbs up..Keep up the good work!
Harsh Bodana
Harsh Bodana10-06-2018, 07:44
Harsh Bodana
Harsh Bodana10-06-2018, 07:44
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Mohammad Mehroz
Mohammad Mehroz10-06-2018, 04:12
Nice video
Geraldine Tackett
Geraldine Tackett06-06-2018, 03:28
sounds excellent news about this important to protect u.s. military!
TACHI GAMER02-06-2018, 09:38
Ciid Cali
Ciid Cali02-06-2018, 01:31
Fake action i saw during watching who else
Edmond Goodfinger
Edmond Goodfinger28-05-2018, 10:17
Is this a stupid movie?