Coldplay - Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)

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Directed by Mary Wigmore
Produced by Casey Byron
Executive Produced by Arts & Sciences
Art Direction by Andy Goldman
Cinematography by Peter Zuccarini
Edited by Sean Lagrange

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Marcela Batista
Marcela Batista18-07-2018, 04:42
A Melhor Música ❤
Mike McCarty
Mike McCarty18-07-2018, 04:08
Oh Yeah!!!
Mayada Stolze Sunnittin Mohamadanerin
Mayada Stolze Sunnittin Mohamadanerin17-07-2018, 12:31
Unique Bakchod
Unique Bakchod17-07-2018, 12:27
Feel deep
window of the soul
window of the soul17-07-2018, 10:48
Esto es mejor que ver vídeos de ASMR .
Sonali Ghosh
Sonali Ghosh16-07-2018, 08:02
Cold play. Is pure Magnet !!!!!
jankez5an8916-07-2018, 05:01
Before: Coldplay release new song everybody plays it. Now: Coldplay release a new song, even Coldplay don’t know about it!
ranjit gupta
ranjit gupta16-07-2018, 07:42
Been rusting in rubbleRunning to a faintNeed a brand new coat of paintI found myself in troubleThinking 'bout what ain'tNever gonna be a saintSaying float like an eagleFall like the rainPouring to put out the painOh again and againNow I'm hyp, hypnotisedYeah I trip, when I look in your eyesOh I'm hyp, hypnotisedYeah I slip and I'm mesmerizedIt's easy to be lethalLearning from the newsIt's a guidebook for the bluesSaying it's the very same steeplePeople wanna choseThey just see it from different viewsAnd threading the needleFixing my flameOh, oh now I'm moved to exclaimOh again, and againHow I'm hyp, hypnotisedYeah I trip, when I look in your eyesOh I'm hyp, hypnotizedYeah I lift and I'm mesmerizedOh-oh oh, oh-oh oh, oh-oh-oh oh-oh oohhOh again, and againAnd I'm hyp, hypnotisedYeah I lift to a permanent highOh I'm hyp, hypnotisedIt was darkNow it's sunrise
Mandoline Catafard
Mandoline Catafard15-07-2018, 07:04
Coldplay are not create music. They do magic 🌹😭. This song is my life. Coldplay it's my life. Thanks for this Coldplay 😘
Selena Dimitrijevic
Selena Dimitrijevic15-07-2018, 05:24
If I could describe it in one word it would be-PERFECT👌