Britney Spears - Gimme More

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It's Britney Bitch
I see you,
And i just wanna dance with you
Everytime they turn the lights down
Just wanna go that extra mile for you
You got my display of affection
Feels like no one else in the room (but you)

We can get down like there's no one around
We keep on rocking, we keep on rockin'
Cameras are flashing while we're dirty dancing
They keep watching, keep watchin'
Feels like the the crowd was saying

Gimme Gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more

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michael flores
michael flores12-12-2017, 07:56
i love you Britney💞💞💞❤❤❤
Nathan Gibson
Nathan Gibson12-12-2017, 05:09
I think Britney music is only one that hasn't changed
katty alvarez
katty alvarez12-12-2017, 04:28
Anyone see that on december 2017
NöCh!ll.JJäy12-12-2017, 03:55
I came here for literally the first 2 seconds only
Raquel Amorim
Raquel Amorim12-12-2017, 03:38
back when britney wasn't the same anymore
Kayla Holmes
Kayla Holmes12-12-2017, 12:08
She looks good with dark hair
Talan Fowlkes
Talan Fowlkes11-12-2017, 11:22
Teacher: Britney Spears?Britney: It's Britney b**chTeacher: Oh no.
Paula Diaz
Paula Diaz11-12-2017, 11:03
noayRL4311-12-2017, 07:02
i prefer better Kylie Minogue instead
Janis 70
Janis 7011-12-2017, 06:38
I love the Blackout era! Perfect amount of 0 F**ks given and I'm awesome! Totally punk and badass!!