This Christmas, we've been put on Santa's Naughty List. Here's a 1 HOUR special of our baddest moments!

Let us know your naughty story in the comments below with the hashtag #NAUGHTY and you could win tons of JFL Gags presents!

Winner announced on December 14th 2016

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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Majid22-02-2018, 03:40
20:23 cr7
Genesis Romero
Genesis Romero18-02-2018, 04:30
Well...I gues un a winter day I way 😊😊😊
sulal s
sulal s01-02-2018, 09:23
15:10 ....:)made my day...!!
Blessing Pamei
Blessing Pamei30-01-2018, 06:01
Anyone know DAT girl name with golden hair in prank group .16:28 with Gog's. She so gorgeous
Lightpaws Hird
Lightpaws Hird30-01-2018, 03:55
Why oh why can't we have good shows on TV like this one. God I love this show!
Gamer Jensen
Gamer Jensen30-01-2018, 07:08
Hillarious Reaction 😂👅
Mior Saiful Awieruddin
Mior Saiful Awieruddin30-01-2018, 05:11
They genuinely make people laugh.. prank.. make fool of themselves
El Valen
El Valen29-01-2018, 09:49
33.45 WTF???
Original Recipe
Original Recipe28-01-2018, 10:44
Not cool making fun of wounded vets.
2012daffyduck27-01-2018, 06:01
@24:47 she is so cute <3