425 HP VIVID Racing Mercedes CLA45 AMG - One Take

The Mercedes CLA45 slots into an unlikely position in the marketplace: replacing the dead Mitsubishi Evo. And Vivid Racing has massaged this one to the tune of 425 HP, with upgraded brakes and suspension to match.
Check out the package at:

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Ford Motors
Ford Motors05-11-2017, 02:39
I thought that car had way more horsepower than that guess my v6 mustang has more than a 80,000$ car
Cătălin David
Cătălin David04-11-2017, 10:01
It is FWD?
Anthony Hunt
Anthony Hunt06-10-2017, 10:25
Matt, i'm with you on the A45 being the real look for this car, The GLA45 is closer to the A look...............................
JKU lab
JKU lab24-07-2017, 04:58
this is what the 328i should be like stock. loud, potent, manic.
xcr4syx14-06-2017, 04:52
Don't you americans get the hatchback version (A45)? I got one myself and that thing is a blast!A45 also looks better than the CLA in my opinion.
Toy Fan
Toy Fan21-05-2017, 07:38
Too bad it fugly
EliteSamuriTE12-05-2017, 02:55
the double spoiler NotLikeThis
Umiyyo Masamune
Umiyyo Masamune10-05-2017, 07:18
which one is better cla45 or gla45?
Elís Kjartansson
Elís Kjartansson02-05-2017, 04:33
Calling this the new evo is very ignorant. the mb has a haldex 4wd system which is basically a front wheel drive system and the rear wheels kick in a little for a couple of seconds when traction is limited. Which is also the reason why they are so hard to power slide.
Watchmaster13-04-2017, 11:24
Abit boring just having one view throughout the whole video, would have been better if you had some shots of the car exhaust, engine, interior and exterior