New Edition - Cool It Now

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Music video by New Edition performing Cool It Now. (C) 1984 Geffen Records

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Nathan Dunlap
Nathan Dunlap23-04-2018, 01:50
hell or the sun will never touch heaven or earth or get close enough to.
Nathan Dunlap
Nathan Dunlap23-04-2018, 01:49
God truth will unclover satan lies
Nathan Dunlap
Nathan Dunlap23-04-2018, 01:48
I believe the sun is supposed to have a coated protection shell around it from its heat and rays. not to be used as a weapon or hell itself. so push it back and protect layer back around it
Monet Randolph
Monet Randolph23-04-2018, 01:18
I love this song
ImSellin22-04-2018, 04:34
Sean Dillard
Sean Dillard21-04-2018, 05:27
That is why they kicked bobby out of the group he was doing the most he wanted all the fame, glory, and money and he didn't want the other members to have jack have you seen The New Edition Story on BET
michael jordan
michael jordan21-04-2018, 06:52
Nlgga you had a job
sukanto masgun
sukanto masgun21-04-2018, 01:50
lagu jaman gue sekolah smp dulu tahun 1986..
dandylion20-04-2018, 11:09
They're so cute!
Destiny Hudson
Destiny Hudson20-04-2018, 07:16
Who knew it'd be bobby's ugly ass that did a solo