sometimes its still hard to believe that we're living in hollywood. so surreal.
---SEPTEMBER 21, 2015---

so now that RJ is back, I'm able to get back to doing my thing at the gym every morning, which felt sooooo good. and then RJ did groceries, went to the gym, and let Dobby out to play with Leo while i was at work. then, once we were home, i decided that i wanted to buy clothes for our video that we're filming today. not sure how much we can reveal about it, so we'll just be on the safe side. but i didn't find anything worth buying anyway, so we just had dinner and took in the nice view.

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Ya Boi Thad
Ya Boi Thad29-01-2016, 05:40
4:00 Where'd you get those shades dude?
Signe Wig Maris
Signe Wig Maris05-11-2015, 12:24
Can we talk about how amazing but RJ looks looking out at the city near the end? Beautiful effing shot Will. And ofc a beautiful effing man ❤️
Andrew19-10-2015, 03:35
My neck, My back,
jennersquare04-10-2015, 04:38
I'm a little stuck on the wake RJ up part...
Rumple Stiltskin
Rumple Stiltskin02-10-2015, 01:16
I am curious about the writing on your right chest. Is that Arabic or Thai? I couldn't quite make it out. What does is say, or stand for? thanks
Zachary Rodriguez
Zachary Rodriguez29-09-2015, 03:37
My red Prius is a he for sure! That being said... is it bad that I regret moving here to LA a couple months ago?
petranilla1427-09-2015, 11:33
Poor Will. Yes he has a job RJ but he could have could have stocked the house on his way home from work. People do this all the time. Stop making excuses for his selfishness/laziness. Did he at least neaten up the house to make it clean and welcoming for you as you do for him?
BONEYARD MUSIC27-09-2015, 05:21
meandmymouth24-09-2015, 09:34
On TV, on camera, on vlog, on Twitter, on YouTube, on Facebook. Life in LaLa land really thrills me ;)
Michael Rhea
Michael Rhea24-09-2015, 01:45
RJ at 6:00 thoooo. 😍